Melissa Evans Speaks

A dynamic, no-nonsense speaker passionate about helping you become more effective, profitable and successful!

Are you ready to discover unique ways to best serve your clients, from business development to delivery of goods and services? Are you tired of being a “peon” and ready to climb the management ladder? Are you prepared to learn the skills, competency and attitude needed to lead project management teams in complex and dynamic environments? Then you need to book Melissa Evans!

Whether you are looking to recession proof your business, climb the corporate ladder, or grow to fit your leadership boots, Melissa’s programs all have one thing in common – a holistic, pratical approach. She provides you with proven solutions to help you accomplish your business and personal goals. Meeting attendees leave more confident, empowered to identify and follow their soul pupose, and with a definate action plan to achieve their goals and dreams. Melissa reveals how to navigate employment challenges, stand out from the crowd, and be more successful in your career.

Deborah Johnson, MS, MHA, PhD. Chief Compliance Officer at Highland River, says, “Melissa immediately captures the audience with her energy, her no-nonsense approach, and her ability to be realistic and practical while demonstrating the endless possibilities for success in business and in life.”                                                                                                       

Melissa’s dynamic style and practical expertise allows her to inspire her audience. As president and founder of Broshe Group, an international company that works with motivated businesspeople to provide clarity for their company vision, to create a purposeful plan, and implement the vision, she has a track record of both making money AND helping others make money while remaining true to themselves.

Melissa Evans, MHA, PMP, Master Coach and self-made millionaire by 31, is an accomplished business executive with more than 15 years of multi-disciplinary experience. A Certified Project Management professional, her expertise also includes other areas such as business coaching, management consulting, change management, process improvement, new business development and technology. 

If you are looking for proven, pratical solutions to achieve your goals and vision, don’t delay, call 888-621-8785 to book Melissa Evans.